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Disposable Phone Numbers™ Documentation

How the Telephone Calls Work

Documentation is forthcoming. Here's quick snapshot.

From the point of view of the caller, you say (or touch-tone) the extension you're trying to reach.

DPN sends that extension off to a URL to see if the extension is valid, and waits for a response. DPN uses a Java servlet as the URL to accept the phone number, do any database lookups or data collection, and return the response. (In the pre-alpha versions, there's no actual database.)

Tune in later for further updates, or contact us if you'd like to join and contribute to the project. If you're interested in this project for commercial use and need consulting, please contact Disaggregate.

Technology Summary

Here's a summary of the various technologies that are currently used by the project:

CCXML: Call Control XML CCXML is a W3C specification used to control telephony servers. CCXML lets you connect to phone calls (inbound and outbound) and take specific actions. We use it to receive calls, make outbound calls to conference attendees, and to send and receive information from the information server.
VoiceXML VoiceXML is a W3C specification used to control speech recogntion, text-to-speech, and voice biometrics (speaker identifcation/speaker verification). We use it to interact with the clerk who sets up the call and the conference attendees.
Java Java is a OS-independent programming language which can also be used to write programs that run inside browsers. The "applet" that runs inside the browser and calls JavaScript functions is written in Java


The Disposable Phone Numbers™ project releases its files via Sourceforge.